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To partner alongside families of the Church, educating students to flourish as wise thinkers and spiritually mature citizens who will shape culture for the glory of God.

Portrait of a Graduate

Desire & delight in Christ-centered lives and loves



Our graduates know and love Jesus and seek to bring all aspects of their lives under joyful submission to Him.  They have cultivated spiritual disciplines that nurture their hearts for a lifetime of Christlike living.  Our graduates demonstrate genuine fruit of the spirit and live and  speak in a manner seasoned with grace and humility.  

Strive for knowledge and wisdom in wonder and worship

Our graduates are inquisitive learners, pursuing depth over breadth, mastery over familiarity. They have cultivated a stable and steadfast understanding of self, world, and God, an appreciation of beauty, and an ability to winsomely articulate a defense of and vision for the truth in written and spoken form. Our graduates pursue every domain of knowledge and understanding as integrations of the beauty of Christ.


Are faithful gospel witnesses in word and work

Our graduates are deeply rooted in the Scriptures, treasuring and upholding what is true, good, and beautiful. They listen carefully and discerningly to critique and act humbly and courageously to create culture. Our graduates approach challenging tasks with diligence and joy, pursuing God-glorifying excellence in their vocational calling according to the gifts given to them.

06-02-20 Grad Group on back edited.jpg

Live for the good of the world and the glory of God

Our graduates live cruciform lives in the image of their Creator and Redeemer. They engage and shape their communities through active participation, living lives of service to God and neighbor.  Committed to the local church, they serve Christ’s body through joyful engagement in Christian community.  Our graduates run well the race set before them to bring honor to their King. 

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